Content in existing B2B platform is comprehensive commodity trade, covers various industries, although the area of coverage is very wide, but for a particular industry, it is not accurate and professional.For traditional industry comprehensive platform, on the design of the website function, if too many optimization of an industry, is bound to cause less attention to the rest of the industry, it requires them to function on the trade-offs.We now pay more attention to the industry segmentation, an industry to do fine.We also try to use other platforms, but we found that the current site can't conform to the characteristics and requirement of our industry, thus Deeprocess platform was born, in order to solve our real demands of the industry.

First of all, from the starting point of view, the existing B2B platform is to connect the buyer and seller, to complete the transaction.But we are more than that. Our function was designed from the beginning with the establishment of the industry ecological chain.That is to say, from engineering design, equipment procurement, raw and auxiliary materials, additives, end products, as long as any one link in the chain, peopel can find the corresponding business opportunities in the platform.In addition, because we have been in this business more than 15 years, met a lot of problems and has accumulated rich experience, we know what is most needed in customers and suppliers. We hope to share our experience with people in the same industry and jointly improve the technical capability and level of our industry.Therefore, the functional design of the platform is based on the reality, aim to help buyers and suppliers achieve double effectiveness.One of the most important aspects is that the platform provides unique professional services to customers and suppliers depending with our background.

As a B2B platform, the firstly needs are product release system and inquiry & quotation system.According to the characteristics of each product, we have refined and analyzed their key requirements. We have realized a very professional and customized product release and inquiry method for products in the industrial chain.In other words, the product information released by the supplier is what the customer needs to pay attention to, and the inquiry content released by the customer can make a very accurate quotation without further inquiry.All the basic work we do is around good content.In addition, our platform is not only a simple exchange of information tools, or a network at the same time, this means that you can find from the platform to many of the industrial chain network resources, such as foreign buyers, professional and technical personnel, equipment vendors, even directly connections can be established.

We have designed enterprise certification, integration certification of engineering and manufacturing and product certification for ensuring the identities of suppliers and real of their released products in the platform. Enterprises or products will obtain a specialized label after pass authentication. Besides, we have professional technical personnel verify the released products to ensure the authenticity of the contents. Protection of intellectual property of suppliers is highly cared, intellectual property can be claimed by submitting product certification.