Company Identification

Who can apply for the enterprise certification

Enterprise certification is to gain trust from the deeprocess platform by submitting the legal enterprise certification. Enterprise authentication is an authentication system designed for sellers. If you have a seller type account, you can apply for authentication in the "my business" menu to the left of my console.The cost of enterprise certification is free.

The role and value of enterprise certification

Passed the enterprise certification, your account will be labeled “enterprise certification”. The enterprise certification represents that the business license of the enterprise is legal and valid.The company information filled in by the enterprise is consistent with the business license, and the enterprise has undertaken to guarantee the authenticity and false liability. For buyers, when you are browsing information, "enterprise certification" can help you find real and high-quality suppliers more easily and improve the efficiency of technology delivery and business communication.

The accuracy of enterprise certification

When we review the authentication information, will these information with the government or the authority of the public enterprise information, at the same time, it may be by telephone or registered letter form such as authenticity verification.The validity period of certification submitted each time is one year. If no renewal is made before the expiration, the overdue certification will be automatically invalid.Same enterprise certification renewal audits and initial audit strictly, in addition we also will not regularly to enterprise qualification is the re-inspection for the period of validity of the certification, certification of the authenticity and accuracy to ensure that enterprise.

Privacy Confidentiality of application material

All enterprise certification information will be kept confidential and will not be passed to any third party by any form.