Engineering and Manufacture Integration Identification

The integrated certification of design and manufacturing can help customers understand the technical capability and manufacturing level of suppliers more truly and accurately. Enterprises that have passed the integrated certification of design and manufacturing will get special certification label.

Integrated certification of design and manufacturing is the advanced certification for suppliers on the basis of enterprise certification.Therefore, if you want to obtain integrated certification of design and manufacturing, you must first pass enterprise certification.The enterprise certification not only needs to have the real enterprise main body qualification, but also should have the real processing workshop and professional processing equipment or equipment.

When submitting the application for integrated design and manufacturing certification, the enterprise shall provide on-site photos, processing equipment or equipment of the workshop environment, and list the equipment or equipment you have accordingly.More perspective field photos and processing equipment photos can help you pass the certification faster.

When we review the authenticity of your submission, if you have the appropriate design qualification certificate, we will compare the information with the certificate authority.

The validity period of certification is one year. If no renewal is made before the expiration, the overdue certification will be automatically invalid. Design and manufacturing integration certification renewal audits are as strictly as initial audit, and we also will review on the certification of qualification irregularly, to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of design and manufacturing integration certification. After the expire of certification, if your workshop address or equipment changes, you need to provide new materials to obtain new certification.