Tripartite Contract Service

Deeprocess relying on professional background, engineering design, construction, installation and commissioning in the field of starch and derivatives have rich experience in project execution, especially for link or implementation schedule for common problems, we are willing to share the experience to users.Therefore, we launch the tripartite contract service, which aims to facilitate the smooth operation of business cooperation in the industrial chain.

The three-party contract is an additional value-added service provided by Deeprocess platform to the buyer and the seller.The contract is signed by the buyer, the seller and the Taiwan party.Three parties contract is the premise of as customers, as the seller of the buyer supplier through Deeprocess platform established a business relationship, and have completed the business and technical negotiations and consensus, intended to establish cooperation relationship.

The tripartite contract will neither increase the buyer's budget, nor reduce the seller's profit. This cooperation will not reduce the rights or interests of either party. It is not a necessary condition to use Deeprocess platform as signing tripartite contract, it is not necessary to sign a tripartite contract or establish a relationship of buyer and seller, either. Buyers and sellers are free to determine the form of cooperation, the contract only on the premise of three parties are approved can be signed.

We recommend that you select the tripartite cooperation form of contract, because the platform as a third party involved in the relationship between the seller and the buyer, the following value added additional services will be provided, which can greatly reduce the personnel and operation cost and lower the risk for you!