Product release rules

Classification of products

Deeprocess platform offers 4 product categories:engineering design, equipment and instruments & spare parts, raw material, accessories & additives, process products & by products.There are some sub-categories under these, so that users with different needs can quickly find their demands..
Products should be placed under the minimum category with high correlation and the most appropriate category. Users should choose carefully according to the actual situation of the products.Placing products in a category that is not directly related will be treated as a mistake. Deeprocess platform will find the mistake and has right to return the information of the misplacement.
Goods known to the trade and clearly in conformity with the practice of industry classification should be placed under the category in conformity with its practice.If placed in a similar meaning but actually does not belong to the classification, it shall be regarded as a circumvention category.If Deeprocess platform as the right to adjust the evasive activity.

Product Shelf

  Shelves defined freedom according to the company's products by the enterprise. The enterprise can create multiple 1st shelf in the 4 categories of deeprocess platform and can also create multiple 2nd shelf at some 1st shelves. Products released by enterprises should be placed in the store shelves, if 1st shelf contains 2nd shelves, the products can not be placed in the 1st shelves directly but in 2nd shelves.
Enterprises should set product shelves according to the category, properties, materials and applications of products, so as to facilitate buyers to browse, select and locate the products they want.

Connection and Distinction Between Platform Classification and Product

  The classification of the platform is the basic category that Deeprocess divides according to the nature of products in the industrial chain, and product shelves are defined by enterprises according to the product types they operate.Platform classification can help buyers search for specific products by nature, and product shelves can help buyers find specific products by shelves after entering your business store.When releasing a product, you should first select the category of the product in the platform, and then specify which shelf it belongs to in your business store.Popular speaking, you can place the starch air drier in your enterprise "drying equipment" of the store shelves, at the same time for the platform, the equipment in the classification of platform should belong to the "equipment" "starch equipment

Release of Product Information

Users should fully describe the products and improve the quality of information actively.The commodity name should be consistent with the commodity pictures, commodity description and other information elements. It should be accurate, complete and concise. Users can set 1-3 keywords that are consistent with the product for the buyer to search.The content of commodity property should be consistent with the actual situation of the product, and fill in the ingredients, materials, sizes, brands, models and places of origin truthfully.

The product picture should match the written information and reflect the actual situation of the product.Except in the specified circumstances, the picture shall be clear and complete without smudging or blocking, including:
(1) there shall be no smudge marks on the products or their packaging boxes;
(2) products or packaging boxes shall not be completely or partially covered by something else. Unless other rules specified.
(3) a detailed description of the products should be based on the actual situation of them, the following can be introduced: functions, features, specific instructions, packaging information, accessories, full figure of the product, detailed figure of the product, package figure, effect picture, etc.

The seller shall respect others' intellectual properties. Deeprocess platform strictly prohibit publishing any information that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of a third party.The publication of information containing the intellectual property rights enjoyed by others shall be subject to the permission of the right holder or to the permission of laws and regulations.

The information released by users should be true, accurate, legal and effective.
(1) the information released by users shall be consistent with the actual situation, and it is forbidden to release false or exaggerated information.
(2) the information released by users shall not break national laws and regulations and rules of Deeprocess platform.
(3) the information released by users shall conform to the specifications and requirements of the English e-commerce website.

Payments and transportation methods of the product description should be consistent with the actual service capability of suppliers, truthfully fill out the minimum order quantity, transportation port, packing, delivery time, payment terms, measuring unit, quantity of supply, price, etc.

Restrictions on Sales (information that is prohibited from being published or restricted from being published)

Prohibited information refers to information that is prohibited by laws and regulations and that is prohibited by Deeprocess platform.

Limited published information, refers to the release of the information or products sales should obtain the administrative licensing or related authorization, on the premise of administrative licensing or related authorization, shall be released in accordance with the law and to the specified category.The illegal release of prohibited or limited information will be handled according to the law.