Quick Start

When release a product, different attribute values can be set for one property of different models of products through setting up user-defined properties. For example, each model of products have different kw, so all information above can be entered.

When self-define the properties, set ant enter the product model first, press “enter” and go to add another model. After typed the product models, “user-defined properties of products” shows at the below function area. First, edit generic property names, the numbers of property names can be added or deleted. For example, head of delivery, flow or power can be as property names for pumps. Second, click each model and add value respectively. The parameter values need to fill in the parameter names of each model which were created in the self-defined properties, the system will remind you if anything missing.

Attention, if the parameter valve is the same for all models, the self-defined properties aren’t needed to set. The generic property value can be set through “self-defined parameter” at below.

Deeprocess is a professional platform focus on the industry chain, we developed specialized products inquiry function according to the users’ real professional demands. The inquiry process is a little more complex than other B2B platforms. As according to our data analysis and experiences of project practice, different indexes or parameters are needed for each individual inquiry list. After you filled all the information and got the accurate and quality quotation and proposal, you would feel all the work is valuable.

There are two types of RFQ, one is the professional RFQ described above, the other is the simple one, we kept it for the buyers who are new to this industry or unfamiliar with it, simple and direct quotation can be got by limited inquiring info at the preliminary stage of project investment. Generally, the later inquiry type is faster relatively but it is just preliminary.

We are aware of your precious time and effort spent on filling the RFQ, hence we redesign a new RFQ. When you look up products or suppliers on the platform and would like to send enquiry to a supplier, you can add the supplier to your inquiry waiting list first, then choose the expected supplier in the list when you start to send inquiry. Thus, they will receive your inquiry and send feedback to you.

Besides, we developed the function of market quotation what will meet your demand of more quotations or suppliers. When you release enquiry, you can set it to the whole market with release days and quotation number. You can close the inquiry whenever the quotations are no more expected. You RFQ is only visible for the suppliers who are going to quote.

When you need to consult the supplier about their displayed product at the early stage of product investigation, you can communicate with the supplier regarding the product functions and features.

The communications are anonymous, so your contact information are invisible. Meanwhile, the consulting contents are recorded under the product, so that the other buyer will see and understand the answers quickly without repeating questions and waiting, because consulting questions would be the common concern for buyers. It also helps suppliers to modify their product description more accurately and detailedly.

You can “like” the comments when you are satisfied about the answers from the supplier. If the question was risen up by you, you can see the reply from the supplier through the product consultation at the left of dashboard without returning to the product details page.

If you have further interesting about the supplier or product, you can get contact details through exchange of business card or on line communication. You also can send inquiry to the supplier through inquiry function to get more accurate quotation.

“My information” is classified into public information and private information, including contacting information or other basic information of the users (buyers or sellers) which are filled in the web of deeprocess.

Public information includes your personal business contracting info, personal CV and introduction etc; private information includes your real name, security email box, security mobile phone number etc. For the enterprise account, the private information also includes enterprise certifications etc.

Your public information can be searched, connected or browsed by other users of the platform. Your private information is only for identity, reset of password or emergency contacts regarding the account safety or other emergency activities by the platform. We never share your private information to any third party at any circumstances.

According to the features of industry chain, deeprocess platform classified products into 4 groups: engineering design, equipment and instruments & spare parts, raw material, accessories & additives, process products & by products.

Group of engineering design includes design for starch process, modified starch process, glucose process, fructose process, dextrin process, sorbitol process, fermentation, civil work, utilities, auto control etc.

Group of equipment and instruments & spare parts includes production equipment for starch, glucose, fermentation products; general equipment, instrument & transducer; equipment for civil work; fittings, piping &valves, electrical apparatus element etc.

Enter the web of www.deeprocess,you will see a search area on the first page, the most poplar key wors showing below the searching area. To start searching, first, choose the category, then, type the key words and click search. Then the page with searching results will show up.

You can filter the searching result by the searching options at the page of searching result. For example, you may only see the products from certified enterprises or the products with certification. You can make comments through “rate for the result” when you are satisfied or unsatisfied about the searching result, which can help us improve the function and also help others to get their demanding results.

The matched searching results are displaying at the left area of the searching result page. You can read the important information of the products and company. For the accounts of buyer, the detailed product information page will be added into your most recent browsing history automatically when you click and read it. You can read it again at any time through recently viewed of dashboard. You can “add favorite” when you like the product or supplier.

There are three blocks from top to bottom at the right area of the searching result page: 1. Recommend Searches. It displays the most similar key words to your searching key words, if there is none of you expected result at your key word, try to click to search the recommend key words. 2. Search History. It keeps the most recent search keywords for your convenience. 3. Browsing History. It records your browsing activities, for the type of account, you can go back to the viewed product page quickly without dashboard.