How to Search Efficiently

Enter the web of www.deeprocess,you will see a search area on the first page, the most poplar key wors showing below the searching area. To start searching, first, choose the category, then, type the key words and click search. Then the page with searching results will show up.

You can filter the searching result by the searching options at the page of searching result. For example, you may only see the products from certified enterprises or the products with certification. You can make comments through “rate for the result” when you are satisfied or unsatisfied about the searching result, which can help us improve the function and also help others to get their demanding results.

The matched searching results are displaying at the left area of the searching result page. You can read the important information of the products and company. For the accounts of buyer, the detailed product information page will be added into your most recent browsing history automatically when you click and read it. You can read it again at any time through recently viewed of dashboard. You can “add favorite” when you like the product or supplier.

There are three blocks from top to bottom at the right area of the searching result page: 1. Recommend Searches. It displays the most similar key words to your searching key words, if there is none of you expected result at your key word, try to click to search the recommend key words. 2. Search History. It keeps the most recent search keywords for your convenience. 3. Browsing History. It records your browsing activities, for the type of account, you can go back to the viewed product page quickly without dashboard.