How to set up user-defined properties of products

When release a product, different attribute values can be set for one property of different models of products through setting up user-defined properties. For example, each model of products have different kw, so all information above can be entered.

When self-define the properties, set ant enter the product model first, press “enter” and go to add another model. After typed the product models, “user-defined properties of products” shows at the below function area. First, edit generic property names, the numbers of property names can be added or deleted. For example, head of delivery, flow or power can be as property names for pumps. Second, click each model and add value respectively. The parameter values need to fill in the parameter names of each model which were created in the self-defined properties, the system will remind you if anything missing.

Attention, if the parameter valve is the same for all models, the self-defined properties aren’t needed to set. The generic property value can be set through “self-defined parameter” at below.