Product Consultation

When you need to consult the supplier about their displayed product at the early stage of product investigation, you can communicate with the supplier regarding the product functions and features.

The communications are anonymous, so your contact information are invisible. Meanwhile, the consulting contents are recorded under the product, so that the other buyer will see and understand the answers quickly without repeating questions and waiting, because consulting questions would be the common concern for buyers. It also helps suppliers to modify their product description more accurately and detailedly.

You can “like” the comments when you are satisfied about the answers from the supplier. If the question was risen up by you, you can see the reply from the supplier through the product consultation at the left of dashboard without returning to the product details page.

If you have further interesting about the supplier or product, you can get contact details through exchange of business card or on line communication. You also can send inquiry to the supplier through inquiry function to get more accurate quotation.